New Hair Style again !!

23 Blonde Blond

23 Black Onyx

This style comes in 20 colors !
Visit the mainstore to try an demo :)


New ReLeAsE !! Hair nr. 19 in two lenghts !!

I released this hairstyle yesterday, 7-13-2009
And this hairstyle is already an bestseller, it seems everybody likes this style.
All colors come in long hair and in short style hair. Visit the Mainstore for an demo !!

Here is the straighten texture (they come in 20 colors):

And here is the wavy texture (also available in 20 colors):

XXX, Mannon

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New Hairstyle nr 18 !!

Style 18 comes in two different textures and they are both in 20 colors !
So you have 40 colors to choose from !!

Visit our Mainstore at Excelsior for all our items.

Here is an earlier style called Style 16..



New Hair Styles !!!

Here are a few pictures of the New Hairstyles with some new Textures.

They all come in 20 colors some with color tips.. some without the tips.
Others come in 40 colors too.
Check out the Mannons Fashion Mainstore at Excelsior
100 Linden per color !!!

XXX, Mannon



This is the latest Hair i created. It's called 'Nine' because it is the ninth hair do in my store ;)

The hair comes in all color's and color tips Also i did put hairrezise scripts in all of my hairs. So no longer fitting problems. Just touch the hair and fit it yourself !!

Come and try the demo at Mannon's Fashion Mainstore !


New item at Mannon's Fashion !

Hi all !!
The cutest hair in SL !
Do you want the sexiest hair look in SL ? Don't look further!
You already found it !
In each color comes with three color tips and also you can choose to buy all colors at once ;)

Visit the mainstore at Excelsior